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Publisher's description

NDS Professional is a computer platform designed to support field nutritionists in making the appropriate nutrition decisions. The program provides the following components:
- Cattle Model (Dairy and Beef)
- Optimizer (linear and non-linear)
- RUM&n Feed Library
- CNCPS FeedBank pre-loaded.

What's new in version 3.8

- OVERALL - Implemented the CNCPS version 6.5. There are a number of changes in this version of the model that are described more in details with Update description through Utility tab
- OVERALL - Updated the platform system libraries (system dll)
- RECIPE - Developed the new version of the Beef Growth Model. The model has the ability to predict more accurate projections for growth and final body composition even with implanted beef
- RECIPE - Nonlinear Optimizer: the tool was integrated with the new updates provided by the CNCPS 6.5 and were improved some internal procedures to better link them with the algorithms used
- FEEDS - Chromium has been approved for use in the U.S. market, so that Cr (ppm) can be added in order to keep track of the concentrations in the dry matter formulated and how much they are feeding
- REPORT CUSTOMIZATION - Extended the functionality to set reports in monochrome mode, as an alternative to color mode
- Taken up suggestions and proposals from users
- Fixed some reported glitches and errors
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